Today construction sites and facilities cannot depend on being protected by police. In fact they may face a larger need for Security Officer services due to the increase in vandalism, crime, and construction site theft. Criminals and construction site thieves are now much smarter, better organized and use strategic methods never used in the past when striking.

  • All Frontrow Security Services Officers are SIA validated
  • We have a full uniform policy and nothing less is acceptable
  • Where required, appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided, including hard hat, boots and high visibility vests.
  • Each new staff member undergoes additional rigorous in-house training
  • Our Security Officers all speak and write fluent English

Safety at work is a key priority for the construction industry and we are totally committed to ensuring the safety of our people and those that they are employed to protect.

Frontrow Security Services uses electronic check points (swipe card system) fitted on sites where the Security Officer will patrol as often as required. A comprehensive print out will be provided of checks undertaken.


We monitor all sites on a routine basis. We have the facility to electronically monitor both our Security Officer and your site, giving both parties assurances that particular areas are regularly monitored and that Security Officers remain alert at all times. Weekly inspections are carried out to ensure all logbooks are completed to a satisfactory standard.

Frontrow Security Services we have a well trained support team who man the Control Room 24 hours a day providing their invaluable advice to Security Officers and can even attend physically at the site in the event of an emergency.