Logistics and Distribution

Frontrow Security Services works with logistics and distribution businesses - from major freight companies to temperature-controlled food handling operations, high-tech electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals and bonded warehouses.

The provision of security services in these specialist environments requires a thorough understanding of your requirements.  Whether you need random load integrity checking, security sealing checks or covert operations to reduce shrinkage, investment in the right security personnel will ensure greater operational efficiency, reduced risk and increased profitability.


Warehouses can be particularly vulnerable during the hours of darkness. Using integrated security solutions, Frontrow Security Services can combine security patrols with remote surveillance to ensure protection around the clock.

Frontrow Security Services Security Officers can be utilised for:

  • Vehicle control and gatehouse duties
  • Vehicle loading and checking
  • Reception services
  • Security patrols
  • On site fleet management
  • Security sealing procedures
  • Covert operations
  • Stock audits